Friday, November 13, 2015

New Cigar Accessories By Xikar

Can you think of a better holiday gift than some new, limited edition Xikar accessories? This year, Xikar has launched several new lines of cigar products. Check out what they have to offer.

You’ve probably received gift sets before, and probably were disappointed. But have you ever received a Xikar gift set? There are six sets available. In each set, you get cigar accessories that are only available for a limited time. It makes for a great present for anyone who enjoys a cigar.

Football season is a great time of year. Show pride for your football team with the Xi1 cutter. You can get it in two tones- it comes in colors that represent popular football teams. Pass it around on the next game day and show off your team spirit. At this time these Collectibles items are not available but keep and eye because we will receive some more!

The EX lighter is a great gift for the adventurer. It’s durable, has a windproof flame and looks great. With it, you can light cigars at any altitude. It comes in gunmetal, black, brushed silver and chrome silver. Don’t let the elements stop you from enjoying your cigar!

For a classic twist, take a look at the Bronzed VintageCollection. It’s a collection of some of the hottest Xikar lighters: Pulsar, Executive II, Trezo , ELX and 5x64 Turrim. All of these modern lighters were made into a timeless classic by being bronzed and polished by hand. They’re not sold everywhere and are limited in supply, so get yours before they run out.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for others, don’t miss out this holiday season. Get the best online prices from Cuenca Cigars and find all your cigar needs in one place. 

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